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You have reached a remote worker. I picked this style of working ever since it has helped me focus more on other  projects as it reduces the time that a major population wastes financially and in terms of  time on travel to office or food at cafeteria. This work style allows me to focus on personal goals while I travel and work. Initially the struggles were there like being sluggish, not being able to get sleep, maintain the asynchronous communications, lonely feels. There have been opportunities where I have been invited to Offshore and same can happen for you. 

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“DAVE is a fantastic talent”

Devansh is a fantastic talent. We thoroughly enjoyed having his expertise on hand at iGen Creative and found his marketing outlook to be refreshing, focused and highly strategic. We look forward to working with him long into the future.
Hannah Kathleen Hawkshaw
CEO at igencreative


Devansh Suri aka Dave is a 23 year old Entrepreneur, Marketer, Website Developer, Talent Hunter & Business Developer.. Through-out school life he was involved in participating in Drama, Debates, International Conferences and at the age of 17, he became Student Council President of his school. At 18, he joined the National Cadet Corps Naval Wing & started working as Website Developer & Digital Marketer for an IT solutions company. At 19, he joined his friends and started Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Door To Door Delivery Service, SABZINOW in Jammu Region which is in its 5th year now and running good. At 20, he got recognized as best freestyle, backstroke swimmer in the state and represented the state at Nationals. At 21, He graduated with degree in commerce and shifted his base to New Delhi,India where he started taking website development and marketing projects. During this time he primarily worked as Marketing Administrator and Head Of Innovation at New York based, COLLABORIZM & as Growth Hacker for Toronto Based, Lunch Society. At 22, he got the personal finances and experience aligned to start CROSETTA , a cosmetic contact lens brand that on the side also aims at supporting the anime, j-pop, cosplay and LGBTQIA culture. At 23, currently, while working on Crosetta he is also a Lead Project Manager for Singapore based IT Company, SODAINMIND and Chief Marketing Officer for Dublin based, IGENCREATIVE.   


Website Development

Get your website designed the way you would want or let me handle the design part that will appeal to your audience with the features that will you keep track of your visitors. Get the best rate quoted to you . Incase you plan on creating a system application then also I can assist you with help of my team.

MArketing & Business Consulting/Agency Services

Looking for growth or just don’t know how to start with, reach out to me via e-mail or LinkedIN. You will get consulting for improving SMM,SEO, SEM and Paid Ads. For business development we can look for ideal location budgeting, laws, getting a reliable contractor. As an agency we’ll lead the operations to help you reach your goals.

HR Solutions

As a recruiter based on set of skills you want I can get you the talent you are looking by putting latest tools and technology to source candidates for you. 

If you have work experience of more than 7 years and are looking for change,remote job and better package then mail your CV to reachme@davesuri.com with Subject: GET ME HIRED


Eager to know about what you are working on or aspire to start and how I can be asset to you. Let’s connect over mail or LinkedN

Together we can achieve goals

I put my efforts in studying your cases and put my resources and skills in providing you solutions or strategies based on targets you want to achieve with the consideration of constraints that holding you & your organization.

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